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Personalized Diet Plan

Get a balanced diet plan as per your physical and physiological condition.

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Therapeutic Diet Plan

Modify your regular diet into the therapeutic diet with our experienced dietitians

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Track on your well-being

We stay flexible in customizing the diet plan as per results after a pre-decided timeline.

Certified Dietitians

Dt Namita Bhutani

Starting at ₹2,500
Namita Bhutani is a professionally qualified nutritionist. She has been guiding/ advising individuals on their food choices and lifestyle habits. With her scientific knowledge, she encourages to attain desired results through a balanced diet with consumption of only regionally and seasonally available natural or home-cooked food and regular exercise, thus totally avoiding commercial, branded, packaged food or unnecessary medication without compromising on essential nutrition required by the individual. She has been advising on weight management (Loss/ Gain) for healthy living for over 25 years in Delhi.

Dt Sukhleen Kaur

Starting at ₹2,000
Sukhleen Kaur is an Indian dietician-cum-nutritionist. She is a published nutrition author, a nutrition panelist, and a dietician honoured with multiple awards. She has an overall experience of 1 year.

Dt Trupti Padhi

Starting at ₹2,000
Trupti, a certified diabetic educator with a total clinical experience for 8+ years is an active member of the IDA Odisha Chapter. She has also completed the 1-year course from Dr.MOHAN’s. She holds her specialization in offering easy-to-follow healthy diet tips for your healthy well-being. Get her expert consultation for the weight loss journey, metabolic diseases control through diet, and forming healthy lifestyle habits.

Dt.Snehal mangroliya

Starting at ₹2,000
I am Snehal mangroliya and i have completed my BSc in microbiology and MSc in medical lab technology, i have deep interest in food science so i am pursuing dietetics degree and doing my work as a nutritionist. and in very short time i got vast experiance with patient like weightloss, diabetes, cholesterol, weightgain,pregnancy etc.. i will try my best to make you healthy by my diet theray and consultation. Here is my youtube link in which i usually add health related contents: This is my blog:

Dietitian Shruti Rao

Starting at ₹2,000
My expertise is in making Diet plans for weight loss.

Dt Aditi Bansal

Starting at ₹2,000
Aditi is a Nutritionist, Wellness, Lifestyle and Diet expert

Dr Shhipra Tiwari

Starting at ₹2,000
I am Dr Shhipra Tiwari. I have done my doctorate in Food Science, Nutrition and Technology, specializing in Child Nutrition. I have also been writing regular newspaper articles on the importance of nutrition in a child's life. Good nutrition between infancy and 10 years of age, contributes to the physical, emotional, social and mental growth and development of the child. It improves cognitive development, social behaviour and performance of the child. As parents, it can be overwhelming to know what nutritious foods they need to grow healthy and get the most out of everyday life. I understand that children have their own unique nutritional needs and meeting those requirements is essential for their physical and mental growth. I will provide a customized nutrition plan for your child (infants, toddlers, children and adolescents) designed according to his/her specific condition, activity, lifestyle, taste, liking and culture.

Dt Kavita

Starting at ₹2,000
Dt Kavita always believes “man is what he eats” and healthy eating is never about being impractically thin, stern nutrition philosophies. Rather it is about your love towards food, keeping yourself positively fit and healthy. All of which can be achieved by just having a basic knowledge of nutrition and incorporating it in your life and discovering being yourself.

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A way to live healthily

Our experienced dietitian assist you with the best meal and workout plan

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Track your health

We stay flexible in customizing the meal plan as per results after 15 days timeline.

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Timeless Connectivity

With a 24/7 chat support system, you can solve doubts with our professional dietitian.

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