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India's fastest growing online consultation platform.

Looking to speak to a dietitian? Need to speak to a registered (Dietitian) privately? You can now ask a call back from all of them, or you can connect instantly through the chat process. A thorough background check is done when we onboard (Dietitian) on our platform.

Dietitian:- You could have a health problem and you need a dietitian for the weight loss, weight gain or any medical-related problem but you don't get time to visit their clinic, buddy app made the diet consultancy easy for you just have to choose the dietitian and get connected with them.

1:- Consultation on call and through chat:- Speak to the certified and experienced (Dietitian) over a phone call and through chat instantly

2:- Available 24*7:- (Dietitian) all are here to offer you services on our platform. You can talk to any of them according to your requirements at any time of the day or night.

3:- Services:- Get the best services through our conversational platform according to your need from our experts

4:- Privacy:- All data in my lawyer is encrypted both in transit and at rest.

How does it work?
Buddy app will immediately connect you to a Dietitian over the phone call or through chat process. All the services will be provided by the experts with whom you have spoken.